Beta Testers
We are looking for beta testers to test Diretto, a new website for P2P employment. Are you looking for work? Or do you need help with for example cooking, personal training or walking the dog?
Try direct employment! - it’s the most value efficient way. Up until now it’s been complicated but Diretto makes it easy by automating everything including potential tax payments and RUT/ROT deductions.
Try it and give us your feedback!

About Us

Diretto is a start up company.
We are developing a platform for P2P employment.

Anna, the founder of Diretto employed people from different countries to help he r family with cooking. It created opportunities for meeting new people and trying out new and exciting dishes as well as providing a job opportunity for someone who wanted to get going in the job market.

Others liked the idea and wanted to do the same but thought the administration of being an employer was complicated.

The idea of Diretto was born; building a platform to facilitate for individuals who want to become responsible employers and create job opportunities.

How It Works - Example

How It Works
help cooking
at cooking
Matching Stage
Create job advert
I really need a chef for the dinner! Let’s post an advert!
Fill profile
I work only by an invite!
Payment Stage
Makes payment to Diretto
I really like this chef!
Got to pay for his work now.
Sees payment notification
Cool, now I know that it’s serious!
Employment Contract
Receives a job contract
Contract automatically generated!? Wow!
Receives a job contract
Now I’m confident that we can start.
Working Stage
Enjoys awesome food
It’s like a heaven in my mouth!
And so fast!
Cooks for the employer in his/her home
The food I cook is not just callories, it’s an expirience you’ll never forget!
Tax Handling
Tax are automatically payed and tax form generated
Food was good and taxes are payed!
Receives money for his work and payslip
I got money for my work and taxes were payed without any worries!
"Very good person and he cooks amazing!"
I’ll definetly recommend this guy to my friends!
"I had a very fun time working for them!"
Very useful service, I’d love to get more jobs here!

Buying a service vs employing

Awesome features

Find a job
Find someone to employ
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